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Midwest Photographic Print and Bind Only Orders

Print and Bind Service
Please read through the instructions below before starting your upload.

Print and Bind Guidlines:

 - Realize that the outer most 1/4" of all sides could be trimmed off in the printing/binding process.  Keep all important subject matter, print borders and/or text in about 3/8" from outer edge to be safe.

- Panoramic spreads that are to span across two pages should be sent as the full spread.  Do not split them in half prior to upload.  They will not match up when printed separately.  Keep in mind that we cut the spreads down the center.  Do not place anything subject that you do not want cut into 1/8" either side of your center line.

 - We do not adjust your files.  They are printed as they are received.  Although we try to catch errors before printing, we are not responsible for design flaws, color/density issues, spreads not aligning, etc.  Please double check your files before sending them through the uploader.


Step 1: LOGIN (If this is your first visit, (Use the LOGIN located to the right of the page to create an account)
This will create a simple account that associates any uploaded images and orders with your information for easy tracking.
Step 2:  On the right side of the screen you should now see the "User Menu".
             Select the   Print and Bind: Album of your Choice
Please complete the entire form with all information pertaining to your choice for cover, billing and shipping information.  Be certain to click on the "Submit Form" button at the bottom of the page. 
**The prices listed on We Design Albums apply only to those customers who are including Design in their order.  It does not apply to Print and Bind only orders.
Step 3:  Select "Upload Your Image Files" from the menu.
Follow the instructions listed to Browse for your files and insert them into the Uploader.  This may take a while as you will want to send the highest quality files for best results.  JPEG files seem to work the best.  (We do not edit your images upon receipt.  They are printed as received.)
Once all of your files have been uploaded, our server will automatically notify us via email. 
We will also receive a copy of your album order form.   We will contact you to verify that we have successfully received all images and to confirm your order details. 


Thank you for choosing Midwest Photographic Resources for your professional album needs!
Feel free to call if you are having any difficulties with the upload process.